Increase your capacity as a marketer and increase the effectiveness of your campaign messaging.

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Articulate Your Company’s Value

The money you spend on search and display advertising is only the beginning. Are you doing everything you can to convert these expensive leads into customers? Are you squandering dollars because your prospects don’t understand the value of your offerings? This program shows you how to optimize your message, sharpen your messaging skills, learn sophisticated offer-testing strategies.

A New Sales Era

Your customers find your brands on mobile, in social, and on the Web. Are you effectively communicating the value of your product or service? Are you aware of the decisions your customers make before they commit to your brand? Are your messages telling the right story, to the right people, at the right time? Are you converting visitors into customers with a compelling, clear statement of your brands’ value?

Real Tools. Real Solutions.

The world’s top research institute and one of the world’s leading research universities have collaborated on a program like no other. The University of Florida and MECLABS Institute can show you, or your team, how to express the value of your brands. Only one graduate certificate in the world features MECLABS Institute’s patented methodology for increasing customer responses in digital marketing.

Learn MECLABS Institute’s patented methodology to increase customer response while earning a graduate certificate from the University of Florida.

Digital marketers live in a world of accountability for real results. Career advancement and recognition flow from one metric: marketing success. MECLABS Institute has helped some of the world’s most famous companies refine and optimize their offers. Now MECLABS Institute is partnering with the University of Florida, a recognized leader in quality online education. Together, these two leaders offer you the opportunity to transform your results in digital marketing and online engagement.

Not only will you experience the same level of intensive education as that of MECLABS Institute’s own research scientists, but you will also be able to:

  • Explore the thinking of top academics in the fields of: communication, advertising, philosophy, psychology, marketing and business
  • Examine consumer behavior patterning experiments that were run with real customers by the research scientists at the MECLABS Institute
  • Learn from the real-life challenges and victories top Fortune 500 marketing executives experienced while leveraging this value proposition methodology within their own organizations

The online world is a laboratory like no other. Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to understand your customers in this space? Do you know how to refine and optimize your message?

University of Florida
College of Journalism and Communications
Communicating Value and Web Conversion Certificate

Accepting applications for the Summer 2016.

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